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Monday, February 27, 2017

Cuz you gotta have friends...but in one location

Is anyone still here? I mean, if you are, God bless you because you are LOYAL AS HELL. It's been a long time since I have posted. Like, longer than Cersei's hair used to be on Game of Thrones.

(Do you guys watch that show? Holy crap, it's good. But I'm getting off subject.)

Anyways, I've been going through a bit of a mid-30's crisis. I have too much stuff to discuss and many stories I want to share, but way too many avenues available to discuss them. There's just no consistency. 

Let me back up because that probably made zero sense.

Life ebbs and flows, as do the "stuffs" that make it up. I've always had a desire to share those stuffs. Maybe you aren't aware, but I have a total of three blogs that I've created and contributed to somewhat consistently over the years. The very first was a personal blog that I began nine years ago. I put my last name in the title like a moron and began to share very personal stories and anecdotes from my newly married life, my childhood, and everything in between. It was legit like therapy. Since I needed readers and Twitter was still a fetus, I opted to share the blog with every single living person in my life, including family members. Needless to say it was a decision that I regretted almost instantly. Apparently people do not like it when you tell stories about them - even if they are hilarious. 

(For the record, if anyone wants to write stories about me that are hilarious, bring. it. on. No one laughs at me harder than me.)

So after I had had enough "oh my God, why did you make me look so stupid in your blog?!" emails to last me forever, I let that lifestyle blog shrivel up and all but die. (But I'd be lying if I said I don't miss it like crazy. More on that in a minute.)

Next up was an anonymous blog creation that I co-founded with the help of my friend Tracy. We wanted to share our experiences and frustrations as stepmoms, so we developed We even bought the official web address so we didn't have to tack "blogspot" onto it. How pro is that?? We expected we'd be on Ellen within months. It didn't happen, but we connected with amazing stepmoms across the globe and shared experiences, stories, and laughs.

And then I decided I wanted to be a mother. But fate decided otherwise and made me an infertile. And for a talker like myself, it was difficult, because announcing "hey, did you know my blood results this month indicated I ovulated?" isn't well received at parties.

So I started this blog. Obviously you know that because you're reading it. It is the nearest and closest to my heart. In the same vein as the stepmomming blog, I made the initial decision to keep it real by keeping it real anonymous. But about a year in, I kicked it out of the closet and decided to own these very personal stories. Because what is this life even worth if you aren't owning what you go through? Going "public" with the blog was scary as hell, but never once have I regretted it.

What does this have to do with anything? 

Well to put it plainly - I have stories. Stories about infertility, stories about being a stepmom, and stories about my life as a girl who got huge boobs in 8th grade and once made diarrhea in her pants at a National Monument in Wyoming. These stories are all worth telling (in my opinion, anyway), and my readers seem to agree that they are stories worth reading. And so, the other morning while noticing how awful my dental floss smells after I use it, I had a random thought. Why do all of these stories have to be compartmentalized into three separate blogs? Do they really need to be?

Look, sometimes I wake up at 3:00 AM with a deep thought on how to be a better stepmom. Then one day in the middle of ordering a Chai Tea Latte with #skimmilkpleaseorIwillcutyou, I'll recall the most amazing story from when I was 15 and decided to start a wear-your-watch-on-your-ankle trend. Later in the week, I might remember a moment in my infertility journey that made me smile. The overarching theme here is that these are stories and thoughts that I want to share with my people. And that's the problem. All my people are in three separate places.

The long and short of it is, these are all my life experiences. And many of them have probably happened to you, too. Except pooping at a National Monument. I think that one is just me.

I once heard a pod-caster who was giving blog advice say, "find a super small niche and stick with it." I fully get what she was saying. Except I can't do it. I can't just talk about why my ovaries don't want to produce a kid on their own. I can't only discuss my stupid ex-boyfriend who once knocked his teeth out with a broomstick on Valentine's Day (yes, it happened). I can't solely whine and rejoice about being a stepmom. 

Life doesn't happen in carefully curated segments

Just call me Dr. Seuss. I am here and there and everywhere and eating green eggs and ham with feet in my shoes, steering myself in any direction I choose. I am all of these crazy things at all times of the day, and knowing me and reading about me means knowing and reading about all of me.

Do you dig?

Are you still there?

I'm going to do something that sounds like a financial adviser's worse nightmare. I am going to un-diversify. Or de-diversify. I am going to combine, coalesce, conjoin, mingle and blend. All three blogs down into one. Just one.

From here on out, please find me here and only here at Yes, it's listed as an infertility blog. But you will find that this blog contains stories from all walks of my *super interesting life. My fertility journey. My childhood. My husband. My marriage. My family. My job. My stepkids. My pets. My son. 

(That's a lot of "my's". I might have narcissistic personality disorder. Noted.)

Please feel free to follow along with me. You can even tell your friends. And yes, this blog is hardly anonymous. Because really, if I tell a funny story about you, it's because you did something funny. It's a compliment. 

(Also. I say curse words. The bad ones. So maybe don't read at work. Or do, I don't know your life.)

The final benefit of this culminating of blogs is that it culminates social media as well. Let's keep it simple. Email me at You can find me on Facebook here. Here I am being unfunny on Twitter. I'm not on the Gram yet with my blog because why, really. This seems like an adequate amount of coverage for now.

Lastly, I adore email and connecting with readers and other bloggers so please shoot me a note. About anything. Let me know if you wish I would discuss something that will help you stay sane. Nothing is off limits. Except cooking tips; my skills don't go further than ruining perfectly good chicken thighs.

We're all in this together!

*super interesting =  mildly interesting

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