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This Is Me

I was just a girl. Dating a man who had two daughters. And I said "yes." I became a stepmom in 2007 and I adored every minute. But selfishly, I wanted a child of my own. Unfortunately I had two ovaries that laughed much like Satan and sneered, "NO BABY FOR YOU".  I thought about giving up. Why push it? After all, I had two amazing step daughters. That should be enough, right? But it wasn't. I wanted to be a mother more than anything in the world. And so I fought. I took the tests and I gave myself the injections. I cried each month when I failed the only test that really mattered to me. I was thisclose to giving up. And then I started this blog as a way to vent. To speak. To share. To be heard. In a way, I believe this blog saved me from the insanity of infertility.

Fast forward three years. Thanks to the miracle of IVF science, I'm a mom of a three year old boy who is a joy and a treasure. He's also a tornado. Have you ever tried to hug a tornado? It's hard.

I'm here to share my insights on infertility, but also to tell stories of life in general. When you think about it, life is not all about infertility or step-momming. It's about boring Tuesday's and laughing at farts and crying at movies.

Life is all the little moments in between the huge ones. 

Welcome to my blog. Get a cup of coffee and read up. Stay awhile. I'm always here.



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