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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Extra! Extra! - Conceive All About It!

I've always known I'm a little...different. A little more than most people. Not in an "I'm better" way, but in an "I just require extra" way.

So yes, I'm extra.

Way extra.

I'm extra because my very first cavity was soooo not supposed to be a big deal, and yet I ended up needing the special gas that makes you loopy and I was scarred for life. I'm extra because my first date to a high school dance literally left me at a coffee shop to flirt with a waitress and I had to find my own way home. I'm extra because at age 16 I pooped my pants at Devil's Tower on sacred Indian ground. I'm extra because I had a three day labor that required me to endure Cervadil (twice), normal labor (24 hours) and ultimately a "Well hell, you should've had a c-section HOURS ago."

It should have come as no surprise then, that conceiving a baby required some extrafor me as well. Okay, a lot extra.

After two years of fertility treatments and ultimately a trip into the IVF Twilight Zone, I knew that at some point I would need to have a conversation with my child about his journey into this world. I had no desire to tell the birds and bees story (mostly because I don't know what that story even is), and I also knew I didn't want to tell my son, "Hey dude, you were once a popsicle." So I started searching for children's books that covered the topic of infertility and in vitro. A few came close to what I wanted and I was even gifted one by a friend that got a beautiful message across, but it was still more high level than what I was searching for. I wanted something that dove even deeper. And I just couldn't find it.

Thankfully I met Kaeleigh, a fellow infertility blogger over at Unpregnant Chicken who has a) more tenacity than me, b) a better work ethic and c) a son who required in vitro. Those three characteristics resulted in her creating a book just like I was looking for. She expertly combined all the ingredients of the perfect children's book about infertility, wrote it, and published it.

It's called "Extra". Is that awesome or what?

"Extra" tells the story of Lucas, a little boy who was created through the miracle of IVF, who is very curious about that little extra thing that makes him truly unique. What I think I love most about this book is the delicate handling of seriously big issues (hello, infertility is complicated even for adults) and breaking them down into little bite sized nuggets for young children. It handles the "where do babies come from" convo from a very inclusive perspective, including all manners of assisted reproductive technology. There are even appearance by gay and lesbian couples (woot!) and children of all races, which just makes my heart happy. 

Kaeleigh's "Extra" book has only been out for a short time but it is already killing it on Amazon, so please go get yourself a copy. Maybe you know someone who has just conceived through assisted reproductive technology or is getting ready to meet their baby through surrogacy. Get them a copy, you own't regret it.

Knowledge, understanding, and information. it's the Extra perfect gift to give.

Here's a link to the book!

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