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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I'm baaaack

Hi, my little infertile, fertile and pregnant bloggie pals! I hope you're all doing wonderfully and life is good.

I have to apologize for my major absence lately. It's the oldest line in the book, but it just happens to be true...I am a busy bee. Work is insane, the stepkids are in the throes of spring break and boyfriends and make ups and breakups - and of course, I'm 16 weeks preggers.

Speaking of...

I have held back on new blog posts because of pregnancy. I started this blog as a desperate infertile beginning her journey into the IVF world. Once it worked (after the first try!) I started to feel guilty about waving my pregnancy in front of my readers because so many of you are still trying and feeling sad or defeated. I don't want to be that person that gets pregnant and suddenly forgets how hard it was to get here. By that same token, I don't want to whine about my pregnancy but....

Holy crap it's hard. 

Like, way hard. And I'm not even one of those pregnant ladies that gets sick!

Basically I'm a huge wimp. This is not news.

So, you can imagine how awesome it would be for my infertile friends to read a blog about how uncomfortable I am, etc. etc. I mean, talk about rubbing salt in the womb.

All that being said, I am considering moving this blog over to my personal blog that I've had for years and haven't written on in awhile. That way, people who come to see it will go with the knowledge that I'm likely writing about pregnancy and the ups and downs that go with it, and not necessarily about infertility. If I decide to go that route, I'll still keep my Twitter handle, but it will link to my personal blog rather than this one, if that makes sense. I haven't made any decisions yet, but I just feel that writing blogs about pregnancy under a blog that's about infertility seems...weird. And kind of braggy.

What do you all think?



Aislinn said...

When I got pregnant, I considered starting a new blog, but when I brought up the topic, I was told by many readers that they're adults, and if they feel like they can't handle the pregnancy talk, they'll stop reading, and catch up when they're up to it.

I had a lot of guilt about becoming pregnant, mostly because it was relatively "easy" for me to do so. But, I also use my blog as a sort of journal, and wanted to keep track of my pregnancy. I know that I've lost some readers, but I understand. Just because they've stopped reading my updates doesn't mean that I can't continue to support them.

It's a hard decision to make. If you feel like you can write about your pregnancy on your other blog without guilt (or at least less,) then switching might be a good idea. Either way, I'm excited to continue following your journey!

Grace said...

I agree with Aislinn, keep it on the blog. Pregnancy is part of the infertility journey in a best case scenario. And people can 'not follow' too :-)

Kim said...

You both are so sweet. I think I just want to be sure I'm balancing "listen to my funny pregnancy story" with other stories and anecdote.

Thank you for your support! YOU ALL ROCK!

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