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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Too Traumatic Thursday

This blog tends to deal with heavy stuff. Infertility and pregnancy can get a little deep for a Thursday afternoon. So, I've decided to try something. From this time on, Thursdays will now be known as Too Traumatic Thursday (TTT), and will devoted to ridiculous stories that lovingly display my knack for embarrassing situations and/or falls down flights of stairs and trips over rocks that aren't there. After all, there is more to life than infertility and Gonal F injections, right?

But guess what? This isn't just for me! I know there are a lot of you out there who have had your share of cringe worthy moments and you're dying to share them. So do it! If you post a Too Traumatic Thursday story on your blog, link to my blog and then let me know in the comments below and I will link to it on this blog. Then everyone can share in your misery as well as mine!

It's a win win.

We'll start slow, because this is the first one. I'll save the inevitable "I pooped my pants" stories (yes, that's plural) for another day. As it happens, today's Too Traumatic story happened only one week ago. I'd like to chalk this one up to pregnancy brain, but really, this is totally something I would do while pregnant with child or not. 

Here's what happened:

It was a busy Wednesday afternoon. I had to travel three hours to the north and back for a quick work trip (these are pretty common for me) and my head was all over the place. I was just days away from "coming out" during National Infertility Awareness Week, I had bills to pay, my dog needed to go to the get the picture. I just wasn't focused. 

The long drive north had mostly mellowed me out, but I was still feeling like I needed something to take the edge off. Wine or beer was clearly not an option for Pregnant McGee, so caffeine was the next best option. I hadn't had any caffeine in over 4 weeks except for an occasional iced tea, but I figured today of all days I could bend the rules a bit. (And truth be told, I had eaten lunch meat the day prior. *gasp*) 

My last meeting of the day ended and I geared up to head out of town, happy I had survived the day. Before getting on the highway toward home, a big green Starbucks sign screamed at me, "YOU KNOW YOU WANT A LATTE." And the big green sign was right. I did want a latte. A big, foamy, calorie induced latte with maybe even a little whipped cream on top. I flashed on my turn signal and pulled in.

The drive through had approximately 392 cars in it. Awesome. However, I was listening to the most recent "Undisclosed" pod cast, so I was happily distracted. (If you're a "Serial" fan, listen to "Undisclosed". It's like a deeper dive into the murder of Hae Min Lee and her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed's potentially unnecessary arrest. Amaze.) 

The long line of cars moved along smoothly and slowly, and 15 minutes later I was really into the story playing through my Bluetooth. Would Adnan be freed? Did Jay really do it and frame him? The short blast of a car horn woke me from my day dream and I realized I needed to pull up to the window. Shit - I didn't even have my money ready yet! I reached over and grabbed my wallet as I rolled down my window and approached the check out.

"Hi, hi! Sorry about that!" I said frantically as I pulled up, embarrassed for making the poor Starbucks guy wait.

"Hey there. You had the mocha frappucino, no whip, right?" he asked, double checking.

"Actually no, I had the..." And then it hit me. I had no recollection of actually ordering anything. Probably because I HADN'T ORDERED ANYTHING. In my frazzled state, I had passed right by the order window. Moron, party of one.

"Um, I forgot to stop and order," I said, my voice quiet.

"Oh, okay." Starbucks guy looked confused. "I mean, did you want to-"

"No, it's fine! Haha - bye!!"

Yes, that's right friends. I was so mortified at my mistake that I just rolled up my window and peeled out of the drive through. After waiting in line for over 15 minutes, I was too embarrassed to just order at the actual window. I DROVE AWAY. So now I had wasted 15 minutes that I could have been on the road and didn't even have a delicious beverage to calm myself.

Hubs laughed at me when I told him later. He said, "the fact that you just drove away rather than ordering something just makes me sad for you."

It was a great day.


Okay, this concludes my very first Too Traumatic Thursday post. Do you have a traumatic moment to share? It can be anything! Post it on your blog or your Facebook and link back to my blog. Then we'll share in the embarrassing story love together!



Dipitie S said...

Classic! Completely something I would have done. And yes, I am totally caught up in the Serial/Undisclosed world.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through OMamas and my son is just 6 weeks older than yours. I have to tell you i did the exact same thing when i was pregnant!

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